Zombicon Film Contest


  1. All films MUST contain “some kind of kiss”. It doesn’t have to be romantic or conventional. Be creative.
  2. A “chase” or “race against time” must also be involved. 

Okay! Have fun. Check back here to upload your finished film. GO!



With the backdrop of the biggest zombie event in the area, this is YOUR chance to produce a film in the same location as Romeros’s 1985 cult classic, “Day of the Dead.” It’s been 30 years, technology now allows filmmakers of all abilities to show their own interpretation of the apocalyptic zombie fallout and the stories of what happens within. Thousands of dead, nearly dead and goon squads of all kinds are coming to a 4 block area of Fort Myers, Florida on October 17th, 2015…. you will have 48 hours to capture the images of their rampage as a backdrop for your own story! A horrific twist of the 48-hour film contest model, Zombicon’s From Death ’til Dawn Film Challenge is the ultimate competitive, horror, filmmaking challenge.

With three categories, Professional, Student, and Amateur, (which features a unique “device category” for all you iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android fanatics) this contest has endless possibilities. This is your last your to win great prizes, recognition and a chance to be screened before thousands at the annual Fort Myers Film Festival in the spring of 2016, before the infection afflicts everyone. The winner gets bragging rights and trophy as a true champion of film making in the horror genre. With Over 20,000 expected, your work WILL be noticed.

It all starts for you and your team at an exclusive Kick-off event, where you will gather to accept your viral mutated mission: write, shoot and edit a short film no shorter than one minute and not longer than five minutes in total length, before the sun rises on Monday, October 19th. Teams will receive a secret antidote element that must be included in their film entry. Entries without the secret element will end up on the morgue floor where no judging eyes will ever see.

At the beginning, as the sun rises on Saturday, October 17th, teams will venture out to plan, shoot, edit then upload their zombie mini features. Later, all team participants are invited back to attend a special screening where finalists are revealed before an infected and live-flesh craving audience. A panel composed of zombie affectionatoes, video and film professionals will judge and score each submission to reveal the winner. In addition to the grand prize, trophy and bragging rights, the overall winner is automatically entered into the 2016 Fort Myers Film Festival.

Finalists from each category will receive some gruesome prizes and Zombicon schwag unique to the event, but ONLY ONE TEAM WILL SURVIVE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT.

The days are numbered and there is no where left to hide. ENTER NOW and register your team for your chance to participate before it is too late!

Compete for Prizes & Bragging Rights and show you have what it takes to complete your film before there is no one left alive to be cast. Get your team from your office, your family, your school or your family. Ready yourself, there is nothing like this.

Finalists from each category will receive some gruesome prizes and Zombicon schwag unique to the event, but ONLY ONE TEAM WILL SURVIVE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT.