The Theme – Explained

11069657_10206749379516090_8896545287656284817_nAN INTERVIEW WITH ZOMBICON CREATIVE DIRECTOR: CHRISTOPHER FOUS

“Okay, Fallout: 1985.
So… it’s an 80’s theme?”

CF: Well, yes. But it’s much, much more than that. So here goes: The opening scenes of George Romero’s 1985 movie Day of the Dead were filmed here in Fort Myers. That’s actually one of the reasons we have Zombicon here. So this year is Day of the Dead’s 30th anniversary. In the film, zombies are everywhere and there’s a massive military presence. We thought, “Zombicon 2015 should take place in that universe. And what if the governments of the world decided to resort to nuclear weapons as a last resort? What would that world look like 30 years later?”

“Okay, so it’s not actually taking place in 1985?”

CF:  No, no. It’s current day. But most people died 30 years ago, in 1985 – so culture hasn’t really progressed. No one’s made new music, new movies, new fashion, and a lot of the zombies are people who died in the fallout of 1985, so they’re still lumbering around wearing what they died in: 1980’s fashion.

“Okay, so it’s current day, but takes place as if it’s 30 years later IN the movie Day of the Dead?”

CF: Exactly! But don’t let the Day of the Dead thing confuse you. Just imagine the world 30 years after a nuclear zombie apocalypse.  And if you don’t want to rock an 80’s style that’s fine, too. There are plenty of crazy walking dead out there in this universe we’ve imagined – and some have even mutated from the constant radiation. You can even be a survivor. I mean, imagine what you’d have to be in order to live and thrive in a radiated zombie wasteland? What kind of gear would you be carrying? That’s one of the reasons the “main character” of the poster isn’t even a zombie. He’s a survivor – which I personally believe is a little more interesting. I’d love to see Zombicon fans come together to create different “survivor factions” (a la Mad Max style).

“Any costume ideas you’d like to share?”

CF:  <Laugh> Of course! Think of your favorite classics from the 80s. Think early MTV. Imagine the whole cast of your favorite 80s movies or bands all zombified! Crimped hair, tight-rolled jeans,  adidas jumpsuits, huge boomboxes. The theme is ripe for the picking. Again, though, you could also be a mutated, radiated monster (think “The Hills Have Eyes” or even “Toxic Avenger”). Remember, costuming is a blast, but it’s even better when you go with a whole themed group! Just have fun, guys. It’s why we have a theme in the first place.

“That sounds excellent!”

CF:  Doesn’t it? We’re so thrilled and inspired every year by how well the fans embrace our themes. We honestly cannot WAIT to see what the fans come up with for what we think is the most fun and exciting theme to date. We expect nothing less. Bring it, people. Make us proud.